Embodied Agency: Liberating Our Choices

A diverse group of five people sit with their legs crossed with arms over their heads

In partnership with the Feminist Center for Creative Work.

An evening of community learning and non-coercive, body-based exploration. We’ll begin by claiming our practice space as our own and developing a definition of trauma and agency for ourselves. We will then explore a yoga practice that centers your experience and offers you the opportunity to move on your own terms. There will be a time to reflect about the experience individually and as a group. Participation in the group discussions is always optional, as you feel comfortable.

All bodies and abilities are welcomed and affirmed. There will be no hands-on adjustments. We will have yoga mats and blankets for those who need them. You are welcome to bring your own as well. Please bring a journal (or another reflective tool like paper/coloring pencils) and any other items that would feel supportive to you (blanket, socks, water, snacks etc).